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What I love about Jessica is that it seems like she can do anything. I’ve seen her do incredibly sincere, grounded improv, and I’ve seen her take silliness to levels that I didn’t realize were possible. Her physicality is unbeatable. Her characters are incredibly deep. Working with Jessica is a serious privilege, and watching her perform is like stepping into another world. - Marissa Macey - director and actor

Jessica’s style of performance mixes grounded real and deep characters with silly situations and  absurd subositions. She is an avid chaser of the story and ultimately infuses every performance with delight.

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 Jessica performs The Arjet Universe every Thursday in the Free Fringe at the Hideout. In the Arjet Universe she invites different people to play with her in duos or larger groups, creating delightfully devised new formats and genres. She is also part of Fabarjet, a duo with Andreas Fabis improvising silly fairy tales, space stories and everything in-between. Their signature style is fast and absurd, but grounded in real relationships. Strangely, she is also a member of J Names, a troupe based in Portland full of amazingly smart and talented improvisors whose names all start with J. She often guests with other improv troupes and is a frequent performer in the Hideout’s improvised plays such as Sexy Future Space Lady, The Black Vault, Live Nude Improv, and Next Week...on Game of Thrones.  And while it may not have been a wise decision to do them, she has performed in 3 different improv marathons performing continuously for between 41 and 47 hours at a time.

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Current Troupes:

2015 - current Fabarjet - Fabulously Improvised Stories

2013 - current The Arjet Universe in the Free Fringe - you never know what to expect.

2018 - current My Secret Friend - Motherhood is F***ing Funny.


2018 - Sexy Future Space Lady - The Hideout Theatre

2017 - Coven - The Institution Theater

2017 - Nozes Off - The Hideout Theatre

2016 - Tall Tales of the High Sea - The Institution Theater

2014 - Lovefest (Bedfellows) - The Institution Theater

2013 - Lovefest (Bedfellows) - The Institution Theater

2013 - Fakespeare - The Hideout Theatre

2013 - Strange Worlds - The Hideout Theatre

2012 - Black Vault - The Hideout Theatre

2011 - Charles Dickens Unleashed - The Hideout Theatre

2011 - Spirited - The Hideout Theatre

2011- Live Nude Improv - The Hideout Theatre

2011 - The Violet Underbelly - The Hideout Theatre

2010 - Louder Than Words - The Hideout Theatre

2009 - Charles Dickens Unleashed - the Hideout Theatre

2009- Improvised Shakespeare- the Hideout Theatre


2013 - McBeth - Hecate and Angus - The Hideout Theater

3013 - Much Ado About Nothing - Margaret, the watch

2013 - Blood, Sweat and Cheers - Mom- Danger Productions

2012 - Cherrybowl - the old nanny- Salvage Vanguard

2011 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Joyce Summers - The Institution Theater

1994 - On Golden Pond - Chelsea - Baker Theater

1992 - Twelfth Night - Maria - Barefoot Players

1989 - Hands Across the Sea - Piggy - Wheatzah Players

1989 - Eiffel Tower Wedding Party - Art Dealer - Wheatzah Players

1988 - The Bald Soprano - Mary - The Theater Collective

1987 - Midsummer Night’s Dream - Peaseblosom - The Theater Collective

A full and somewhat random collection of youth and school plays.

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