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Jessica very much enjoys helping others start, develop, and refine their own programs. Her guiding philosophy in consulting is to find out where you are and what you need and then help you find your way with guidance and support.  

Fees and travel depend on the need and location. Skype consulting available.

Children’s programs and summer camps:

With over 20 years of experience in teaching children’s classes and camps Jessica has the ability to help you jump start your program. She will guide you to develop your own philosophy and then show you how to turn that philosophy into a program, a curricula, and a teaching style that will attract and foster the best in your students. Armed with experience, spreadsheets and forms, Jessica will help you get on top of your program!  

Children’s Shows:

As a producer of children’s shows since 2006 Jessica has a firm grasp on what will and will not work for children. Whether you are running a weekly show, a touring show, or just an occasional troupe, Jessica can nourish your productions unique voice so that you can really reach and engage with the children you are performing for!

Human Resources Management:

Managing people in an improv theater setting is difficult. Often the people you are managing are also members of your community or friends. While this can be awesome, it can also cause difficulties. Jessica has negotiated this and can help guide you to develop a management style that supports your ultimate goals. She can help develop policies and procedures, understand the necessity of job descriptions and how to create them, and how to assess your current state of management so that you can confidently move forward.

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