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"Jessica Arjet is one of those hyphenated talents (improviser/teacher/performer/arts administrator) that make you aware of how much one person can get done when they are focused and present. I've known Jessica for over 10 years now and I've never not been impressed by what she does and how she does it, always with quality, talent, and care. She's also a really wonderful person in real life off-stage. As for her on-stage work, she rocks in all she does. As for her teaching, she brings such great concern to all the students she works with and she leads with compassion. One of the things I really respect about Jessica is that she is always learning and growing in her art and in her life, as all great artists do. So talk with her, learn with her, play with her, and you'll be glad you did." - Jonathan Pitts - producer of the Chicago Improv Festival and International Teacher. 

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Jessica Arjet is an Improvisor, Actor, Director, Teacher and Producer in Austin, Texas. She is a co-owner of the Hideout Theatre which specializes in delightfully realized improvised plays.  

Philosophy: Improv is a beautiful and powerful artform. It has the ability to inspire and transform all people.

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